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Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

1.1 H Greek Dedicated Servers, that from now on referred to as the Company, is a website providing products and services via the Internet. The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the website of the Company, who is online at http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr and services provided the company. Using the website or the services provided by the Company, users indicate full acceptance of the terms and conditions laid down or the company will put the future.

1.2 If a user or user representative does not agree with these terms and conditions, it should not make use of the website and services of the Company. Users of the Company’s services or site visitors http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr will be referred to as “Customer”, regardless of whether they take orders services or products from the Company.

2. Copyright

2.1 This website is one of the official online stores of the Company. All website content, including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and products are the intellectual property of the Company and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. All content of this website has been deposited with a notary who has certified intellectual property.

2.2 Any copying, distribution, transportation, processing, resale, create derivative works, or misleading the public about the real provider of the content of the website. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, or transmission or any other use of the Content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior written permission of the Company or any other copyright holder. The names, images, logos and distinctive features representing the Company or third parties and their products or services are proprietary marks of the Company or third parties protected by relevant trademark laws.

3. Services and Liability Company

3.1 The Client confirms that the material will “push” the server will be ready and will not need any further processing by the Company to operate. The Company has access to files, websites and customer data. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

3.2 The Company shall notify by email to the customer how they can access the Control Panel (Control Panel) and the manner of publication of the files on the Internet, the installation of email accounts as well as the necessity of the study manual use of the virtual server and the Control Panel. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

3.3 Customer agrees that it has the necessary knowledge to build / publish on the Internet the website and that the Company is not responsible to provide this knowledge or other programming skills to the Customer or to educate. The Company is not obligated to provide technical support except as specified herein. The Company may, exceptionally, if she so wishes, to provide support and advice on issues not related to the hosting of the site (Additional Technical Support). This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

3.4 Any request for additional technical support may be denied by the Company with or without cause. It is the sole option of the Company whether to provide any additional technical support if done once, it can be interrupted at any time without notice and without any liability or responsibility for the Company.

3.5 The Company does not exercise control over the content of the information passing through the network of servers, also does not guarantee the reliability of any information contained on the web through or because of its services. Moreover no guaranteed commercial or personal solvency of any presented online or meet any specific promises / offers from third parties and is not responsible for any damages may occur to the client or to those who deal with him, including loss of data, on ‘ cause delays, non-delivery of goods or service interruption for any reason, error or omission.

3.6 The use of any information provided through the INTERNET is under the responsibility of the one who uses the Company has no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of this information. The connection speed refers to the website represents the speed to the core network (backbone) and not the speed from end to end.

3.7 The Company has no responsibility for any damage caused in the event of unavailability of the network or system and can not guarantee that the hosting service will be uninterrupted or will not be a mistake, because of the special nature of the Internet (Internet) and networks through whose information is distributed.

3.8 The Company, under all conditions and circumstances and for any reason, has no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use, availability or unavailability of the services offered.

3.9 The Company upgrades regularly installed applications on the servers in order to maintain security levels at the highest possible level and to provide the latest versions of Plesk Control Panel, php, mysql, ASP.net, perl, zend, ioncube etc. it is the obligation of the customer to inform accordingly the code pages of (the code php, mysql queries, asp etc websites the customer retains the space offered by the Company) so as to be compatible with the servers of the company. The Company is not responsible for any loss,

3.10 The Company is not responsible or liability for any loss, damage and moral damage resulting from failure to provide services or the Technical Support and Customer bound by its acceptance of this that he will not raise any kind of claims other than those provided for the SLA of company page http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr/sla.php .

3.11 The Company periodically takes the files and customer databases, using hosting services to its servers, but not for their mails. The company assumes no liability if the backup is not updated or may not be used. The recovery of files from the backup charge. The Client is obliged to keep a backup copy of files, databases and email, by using the tool Greek Dedicated Servers Backup , which is supplied through the Greek Dedicated Servers Panel, or Back manager (only for windows hosting), provided through plesk. Both for safety reasons and in accordance with clause 4.12, the backup will be stored locally on the client computer.

3.12 The Company will work with the authorities responsible for law enforcement and related space, data, email and Customer content. This may lead the Company to disclosure of all the information provided to the Company, including information found on the company’s servers, files and customer database.

3.13 The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting customers / users from the execution or not of their order. Also reserved time delivery of goods / services in cases of force majeure.

3.14 All web hosting accounts automatically displays one page “Under Construction” upon activation. This page informs users that it has created a hosting account with us. The page “Under Construction” can be removed by the user at any time, since the access to the web account hosting. The page “Under Construction” can include elements such as, (i) links to products or services of the Company, (ii) advertisements for products or services of third parties and (iii) information search form on the Internet.

3.15 For each new Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting package Greek Dedicated Servers, there is no limit to the number of static or dynamic web pages, you can request the customer for transport by the technical support team. A prerequisite for undertaking the process are:

records the time of application to be hosted in other hosting package hosting provider rather than Greek Dedicated Servers
the transfer request be made within 15 days of the payment order
to access available management environment of the previous server or backup of files and data to transfer bases.

4. User Responsibility and Non-Permissible Use of Servers

4.1 Customer agrees that it will not use the website of the company, the services it provides and servers for:

a. mission, publication, send an email or otherwise transmit any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violate the privacy of another, shows empathy, or is racial , ethnic or other discrimination

b . causing harm minors in any way

c . send, post, send by email or otherwise transmit any content for which you have no right to transmit under law or contractual or management relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements)

d. mission, publication, send an email or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others

e. mission, publication, send an email or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destruction or equipment in any software or hardware

g. intentional or unintentional violation of applicable law or of the provisions

the. harassment third parties in any way

i. Illegal collect or store personal data about other users

4.2 H Company has the opportunity to reject or delete material hosted on the server that has given, if this material infringes any law in relation to copyright, copyright, are pornographic (not applicable to Dedicated Servers), racist or pirated content ( hacking, pirate softwares, warez sites, serial numbers), concerning drug trafficking, attempting illegal penetration into a computer or contrary in any other law. In such circumstances the Company has the right, without notice, to immediately disable the account and accessing the site through Internet without any liability for any damages caused to the Customer or to third parties. Then informs the customer to remove the material.

4.3 The Company follows a very strict policy on spam emails and may cancel the customer’s account if unorthodox / unwanted bulk email sending (spam mail). An email is spam when sent to many recipients who did not ask to receive it. He agrees not to send any of the following email items: (a) advertising or information, including without limitation commercial advertising, except to those who have explicitly requested by the customer such emails. (b) Annoyingly email, or through the language that has been written, the frequency sent or size of messages. (c) chain mails (d) Bulk Email advertising or information.

The Greek Dedicated Servers reserves the right to decide if a customer action is considered as “spam”, “mail bombing”, or “bulk email”. The client uses the services of the Company for spamming will be charged a sum for system management and recovery costs. The amount will be determined solely by the Company.

To protect IPs of servers by introducing them in spam lists, Greek Dedicated Servers applies security mechanism on the permitted number of email sent by users per hour. Upon customer’s request, this mechanism can be exceptionally little more flexible, and if the operators of the servers that will not compromise the reliable operation of the shipping service Emails.

4.4 The available resources of the server reserved for use within the accounts of the Company’s customers. The placing resources in any way to sites of third parties in any form, including but not limited to pumping graphics or text from third party sites that material is in server of the Company, carrying banner exchange programs etc.

4.5 SSH Access is given on the client’s request. The Company has the right to deny access or provide limited access for execution of specific commands.

4.6 The dispatch of e-mails on the server or any message sent to embarrassing based on a network directly or indirectly connected with the Company as the evasion of user authentication or security of host, network or account. Prohibited from entering into any information not addressed to Customer. It is prohibited to breach the security of any network, Spawning, Port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, land, teardrop, publication viruses, execution rooms chat, Internet Relay Chat, iRC bots ( such as eggdrop), PhpShell and other similar programs, the audio, radio and video streaming, file uploads to the server for the purpose of downloading by the general public and gallery sites that make excessive use of resources. Any activity, whether it will lead to loss of information will be investigated and appropriate action will ensue.

4.7 Unauthorized background processes or unauthorized background processes that jeopardize the security of our servers, will result in the termination or the Customer’s account termination.

4.8 The Customer agrees to build websites in a way to avoid overload of the Servers Greek Dedicated Servers, limiting the use of code and applications that require high processing power. The Greek Dedicated Servers has the right, if the customer’s site is the cause of creating problems in providing hosting services to other customers on the same server, disable immediate and unannounced access to the customer’s site. If the Greek Dedicated Servers undertake such action, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and Greek Dedicated Servers will work with the customer to eliminate the reason for the suspension of services.

4.9 The customer agrees to the following conditions:

a. Do not perform any standalone process the server. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

b. Do not perform any nature demons and executable files that make excessive use of bandwidth as IRCD, chat demons, .exe, .com etc.

c. Do not perform any type of web Spider or Indexer (including Google Cash / AdSpy).

d. Do not perform any bit torrent application, track or client. Prohibited hosting or linking to any illegal migrant file.

e. Do not take part in any activity related to file-sharing & peer-to- peer networks.

g. Do not perform any gaming server as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942, minecraft etc.

f. Do not execute cron tasks & schedule tasks at intervals of less than 15 minutes. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

h. Do not use Script to invite opoiodipte file that is not local. Calling any file or url to a remote server must be stated in the company, when it concerns hosting packages shared hosting. The company has the right to prohibit something without announcing it to the customer.

It. Does not have the Mailbox server whose size exceed 200 MB. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

j. To keep updated the software installs in the hosting plans, taking all the necessary measures and making arrangements that would ensure that the site is safe and secure from malicious actions.

4.10 CPU, Memory, Disk IO, Entry Processes

a. These resources, using a shared hosting package, not part of Unmetered. Provided specific values depending on the service and the server it is hosted.

b. The Databases hosted on our servers, must not exceed 300MB (MySQL) and 1GB (MSSQL), but not to cause performance problems on the server by CPU abuse, Memory or Disk IO available to each client, according provided 4.10.a.

4.11 The Customer must use the site exclusively as a conventional Web Site. The use of services and the Company’s equipment must always be in a manner consistent with this Agreement and in any case should not affect the operation of the equipment or the company network. The use excessive system resources is not acceptable. If the use of the Company’s services by the client creates, at the discretion of the Company, beyond the permissible limits, overloading of equipment and the Company’s funds, the Company may suspend the operation of an account to be determined and resolved the cause of the overload. The Company reserves the right to kill intensive mechanisms that affect the CPU. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

4.12 The Customer understands and agrees that no part of the services offered by the Greek Dedicated Servers, such as space, email or data transfer (bandwidth) can not be used for backup storage purposes (backups). The customer may in no case be uploaded (upload), downloaded (download) or stored in the space provided the files are not directly related to what is necessary for the operation of the website. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

4.13 The customer is required to supervise the amount of space occupied by it and other users of the account of the hard disks of the Company, so as not to exceed the limits set. If the space occupied exceeds the limits, the Company will charge the customer for the use of additional resources and reserves the right to delete files to return the used space in the permissible limits. This term does not apply to Dedicated Servers.

4.14 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the code and applications that are installed in the account is secure and directories and file permissions are correct, regardless of the way they were installed. Where possible, the customer should be put on the lists and rights files 755 or the most restrictive possible. The customer is responsible for all actions taken in account.

4.15 The client must use a secure password. If the password used by the client is simple, the account may be suspended up to use a more secure password. For security reasons, it is proposed o client to change the password every six months.

4.16 The Shared Hosting accounts can not be resold to third parties. If you wish to resell hosting services, you must use a reseller package.

4.17 The Company has the right to restrict the volume of messages sent or received by users in order to maintain the quality of service email to other members and to protect the systems of computers. As an owner and / or operator of the equipment and other resources used to provide services, the Company has the right to block electronic communications from other players online.

5. Security

5.1 All transactions made through http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr governed by the International and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (N. 2251/1994) , which regulates matters concerning remote sales. The Company recognizes the importance of the issue of security of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods to the maximum security. All information related to your personal information is secure and confidential.

5.2 The client accepts that the management actions taken by the servers, may be recorded under Greek law.

Customer recognition

The security of online store the Company achieved the following methods:

5.3 The codes used for identification are two: Password (Username) and Personal Secret Security Code (Password), who each time they register provide access safely to the personal data of the Customer. There is the possibility alter the Personal Identification Security Code (password) as often as the customer wants. The only person who has access to the data is the customer through the above code and is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of third persons. The code uses the Customer must be more than six characters, with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. In case of loss or leakage should take immediate notice of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the use of a password by an unauthorized person. The online store of the company in any way disclose or publish personal data and the information provided to the Company. The personal data that puts the Customer at the disposal of the Company are used exclusively for the execution of transactions. All information is encrypted and stored safely.


5.4 The customer must always have the personal details and all contact information (address, phone, email) to date and notify the Company of any changes. H communication and information of the Company to the Customer on matters concerning his account (upgrades to servers, expiry – renewal account etc.) is conducted via email or through related information pages on the company site. The Customer must regularly check the email designated as the main contact email and the website of the Company to be informed on matters relating to his account. The email communication should not be an email that maintains the servers of our company.

Trade secret

5.5 All information supplied by the customer / subscriber of the company is confidential and the Company has taken all the necessary steps to use them only when necessary in the context of service. Some of the measures taken are the following:

a. Only authorized employees have access to information and transactions only when necessary, eg to process requests.

b. The Company does not disclose customer information and transactions, unless written authorization from the client or this court order or decision of any public authority.

c. In case the Company uses third parties to support its systems, ensure the guarantee of confidentiality.

d. The customer may request any information held on him and to correct them if they can demonstrate the existence of error.

e. For security, the Customer must treat all information provided through the service as confidential and secret and not to make any disclosure to third parties.

g. H e Customer address used by Greek Dedicated Servers for sending informational emails-newsletters about the company and any new offers or discounts. provided that. If the Customer does not wish to receive informational emails of this kind, can be deleted from the contact list by clicking the link-link at the end of each informative email-newsletter.

6. Pricing and Stop Services / Agreement

price policy

6.1 The published product prices are in euros and do not include VAT. The payment for the services and products is done in advance. The Company reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer. It is obvious that the customer always pays the price marked on the relevant lists for this product or service at the time of order.

6.2 The Company is entitled to offer packages or deals that will have favorable terms or price from those that existed when the customer initially purchased services from the Company. These price changes and conditions do not affect existing prices of parts.

6.3 The price paid by the customer to the Company for hosting services will never change after ordering. The Company reserves the right to change at any time the resources and values of hospitality services displayed on the site for purchase by prospective customers.

6.4 The discount coupons are valid only in the original market and do not affect the refresh rate of a service or product.

6.5 H offer Greek Dedicated Servers for free in Domain Web Hosting packages, can not be used in combination with any other discount offer.

6.6 The value of the free domain provided by Greek Dedicated Servers with hosting packages, can not be used in credit for another service and can be used only for registration or renewal domain name.

6.7 Additional Terms for Dedicated Servers:

a. For Servers hosted in the Data Center of America, where the rate of the euro against the dollar suffered a decrease greater than 20%, compared with the rates prevailing in the original order of Dedicated Server, the company reserves the right to adjust the monthly rent of the Server. The change in the cost of the monthly subscription will be made one month after informing the client. The rate on the paragelia of Dedicated Server, indicated in the first Invoice subscription.
In the above case, the increase in the monthly fee will not exceed the rate of growth rate of the dollar against the euro. The price paid by the customer to the Company for hosting services will never change after ordering. The Company reserves the right to change at any time the resources and values ​​of hospitality services displayed on the site for purchase by prospective customers.

b. For the avoidance of cooperation and the return of the security should be the request for interruption of the service at least 30 days before the end of the month in which you wish to move on to the server off. Otherwise, the renewal is automatic and consumed the security of any paid for the whole month . After the service life of the server guarantee is automatically canceled.

c. The Company reserves the right to reset the password on a dedicated server, if the code that we are not informed, so they can perform all the necessary security checks, as required by the data center. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that we have given a valid email address and root password to the dedicated server, to avoid any interruption of server availability (downtime) from the codes reset requests. The Company reserves the right to control their servers according to specific requirements and perform their various management actions upon the data center demand. Dedicated servers for NOT keeping backups (backup supported) from us, but it is the responsibility of the customer itself. The client can obtain an additional hard drive and keeps the backups there, as the simplest solution. Please contact the Sales Department at email sales@top.host if you wish to get a second hard disk.

d. All Dedicated Servers are provided in monthly rent form, and are established in a data center in America or Europe, depending on the selected package. The customer’s access to the Dedicated Server is done remotely, via the Internet, with Remote Desktop (for Windows Dedicated Servers) and via Telnet (for Dedicated Servers Linux).

e. In case of late payment of renewal subscription Dedicated Server, the server canceled the day following expiration of the subscription. The data stored on the server are deleted and the server is set available for rent from another client. In the event that payment of the server subscription renewal occurs after the end, and if the reactivation, the server is reactivated charge is possible.

g. It is the responsibility of the user’s dedicated Server to verify the proper function of the hard disk of the Server. This can be done either with the built-in tools of the operating system where RAID Software, or specialized tools to be installed by the user to Hardware RAID controllers. After labeling problem, the Company may request the user to the server shutdown to take place the HDD operation control tests.

h. In Greek Dedicated Servers activation of several Dedicated IP not supported.

i. The Greek Dedicated Servers not perform any monitoring energy dedicated server both in hardware and network level. It is the sole responsibility of the server administrator can monitor and inform the Greek Dedicated Servers for the existence of any problems. Since this condition excludes servers that have Managed Services.

j. The Greek Dedicated Servers is responsible for the free replacement of defective Hardware a dedicated, such as hard disk, ram CPU memory etc. Any problem on these restored in time provided for each SLA and always at the suggestion of the Dedicated Server administrator. Since this condition excludes servers that have Managed Services.

n. The Greek Dedicated Servers has no responsibility for the maintenance and proper operation of the services of a Dedicated Server, such as functional, the Control panel, the web server, the Mail service, MySQL, MSSQL etc. The Since this condition excludes servers that have Managed Services.

l. H Greek Dedicated Servers provide support services on dedicated additional service form that is paid. The support packages are optional and can be activated any time the customer wishes.

m. You can find more information about the benefits and costs of “Managed Services” package, by contacting the sales department and the customer is informed about these before buying the Server.

v. All services provided through the packages “Managed Services”, activated or performed at the customer’s request.


6.8 For purposes of identification and security of transactions, the Client, if requested by the company, should provide further information such as the identity, passport etc.

6.9 If the Customer does not provide the information requested or the transaction is not successfully identified by the Company, the Company has the right not to provide the service and not to refund the charge that this transaction concerned.

Payment by Credit card or Paypal

6.10 The customer is not allowed to make fictitious, false or fraudulent services markets. The customer is completely responsible for all charges, fees, taxes and contributions arising from the purchase of services from Greek Dedicated Servers.

6.11 The customer has the possibility of redemption orders via credit card Visa, Mastercard through Paypal. The credit card charge made after verification and certification of data and validity. The customer is solely responsible for the proper registration of the credit card.

6.12 The Client ordering web hosting services can be selected through the Company’s account management interface to charge the automatic credit card by the company each month (or depending on the domain renewal cycle hospitality assistance of every 1, 3, 6 , 9, 12, 24, or 36 months) and give us the right to collect the corresponding amount at a predetermined date each month, or similar regular interval in which the service which has been ordered by the Customer is overdue.

Payment by bank transfer

6.13 The customer has the possibility of redemption orders through deposit in bank accounts that appear in the order of service. In this case, the Customer must pay any bank fees and to inform the Company of the number of deposit transaction and the bank branch that made the deposit. The information is online at http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr/Greek Dedicated Servers/index.php .

Stop Services / Agreement

6.14 This Agreement may be terminated by any of the parties, without cause. The Company is not obliged to repay the agreed amount for the period remaining from the date of the interruption to the normal end of the contract if the interrupt request of the customer or the contract discontinued by the Company for breach of the terms of the customer .

6.15 If the Customer states that he wishes to continue the services, then the company interrupts the operation of the web site Customer and erases from its servers, without further notice.

6.16 H Company reserves the right to refuse, terminate or put in availability of services provided to the Customer at will, with or without notice, and will not be responsible for consequences, positive or negative, resulting from the termination of a web site from one server or terminate any other service. Restoring files to a charged web hosting account.

6.17 If the Client maintains outstanding one or more services to his account, the Company has the right to suspend, stop or delete all the domain or hosting accounts receipted or not, without the obligation to provide backup (back up) Customer without prior information.

6.18 The Company reserves the right to cancel an account, including files and content for any reason, at any time. The Customer agrees to maintain backups (backup) of all files and database hosting the Company and agrees that the Company will have no liability for lost data. Customer is responsible for backing up data.

6.19 The Customer as long as no further wishes the Company’s services should declare through cancellation form located in the package management page Greek Dedicated Servers Panel . By sending the form is automatically sent to the customer an email confirmation of receipt of the application. If the Customer does not receive the confirmation email will be contacted by telephone by Greek Dedicated Servers.

6.20 In the event of late payment or if it is impossible to charge the credit card of the client, our services are scheduled to be automatically stopped after the end of the subscription.

6.21 If not available balance on the Client’s card at the time the funds were debited effort in the Client card (for the service) the Company’s services are scheduled to be automatically stopped after the end of the subscription.

6.22 H reserves the right to terminate or lay suspended without notice, any service for which the customer did not pay or has requested a refund after its payment.

6.23 If the hosting services are not renewed within 30 days of the expiration date, all settings, files, the mail accounts and databases of these services are removed from its servers Greek Dedicated Servers uninformed customer .

7. Money Back Guarantee

7.1 The virtual server of the Company hosting packages accompanied by a money back guarantee of 90 days from the date of the hosting account. If the customer is not satisfied with the level of hosting services (web hosting) the Company may within 90 days from the beginning of his account to request the cancellation of this agreement, otherwise implicitly endorses the continuation of service and waives its right for reimbursement of money. In case of cancellation within 90 days, returned to the customer how the assistance. If the amount of assistance included additional costs (domain name market, SSL market, market dedicated IP, or third banks commissions commissions or credit card, installation costs, additional services) the amount of the contribution is returned to the Customer after deducted these costs. No refund is not made after the 90th day of the subscription. The above guarantee covers only the Shared rental packages Hosting & DNS Hosting and not all of the services provided by the Company, such as Dedicated Server, Resellers Hosting etc. For the Dedicated Server and the corresponding addons no refund is provided.

7.2 Only the new account are entitled to compensation. For example, if the customer had an account with the company, set aside and created a new, not entitled to compensation for the last account.

7.3 To be considered valid, the application account cancellation request must be sent via the entry forms on the package management page Greek Dedicated Servers Panel .

7.4 If the customer has acquired code for free registration or renewal Domain Name with the hosting package market, which has applied for cancellation, the total vesting or renewal value of the Domain Name is bound by the final amount to be refunded.

7.5 Any violation of this term considered likely to result in failure to repay any amount to the Customer.

8. Renewal Services

8.1 In case of payment of the subscription by bank deposit, the Customer must pay any commission of banks and to inform the Company of the number of transaction deposit and the bank branch that made the deposit at least 2 working days before the expiry of the subscription. The information is online at http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr/Greek Dedicated Servers/index.php . If the client can not update the deposit online or if required by the Company, the Customer must send by FAX at 2810229010 or email top.host billing email, the deposit receipt indicating clearly the notification / invoice details, the domain name of and the type of service that pays.

8.2 In any case, the customer must verify that the company has received notice of the subscription and redemption activated / renewed the services for which he paid. In the event that the company can not ascertain the balance outstanding elements of service renewal (eg due Mackle FAX, non-delivery of the update email to the Company), the firm shuts the Customer service, without any liability for damages or damage caused by the termination / suspension of services to the Customer.

9. Expiry Notifications

9.1 The customer receives the email management automated alerts of impending expiry of the 35 services, 15, 10 and 5 days before the expiration date. If you have activated the automatic renewal service by credit card, the customer receives the mail management automated alerts to attempt to charge credit of 35 & 34 days before the expiration date of the service. If unsuccessful debit of his credit card, the customer receives notification in email management 28 days before the end to make a manual refresh of the service.

9.2 Upon the expiration date of the domain, o customer automatically receives the email alert management that the domain has been switched to quarantine and takes second reminder to make a renewal of five days after service domain.

10. Additional Fees

10.1 The Company is not responsible for any taxes or fees payable in any country and under any tax legislation and related transactions made by the Customer through the offered server. He agrees to assume full responsibility for taxes or fees or fees associated with the use of the server or the products or services that has or transactions made.

11. Limitation of Liability – Guarantee – Compensation

11.1 The Company made significant efforts to ensure the website http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr to include accurate and up to date information. However, no representation as to the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the content published and therefore bears no liability of any kind.

11.2 The Customer agrees to defend against any court, will ensure you keep away from any danger, from all claims, losses, financial claims and liabilities, the Company and will cover against any financial costs including attorneys’ fees, also will cover any matter or claim that damage or injury or any other reason raises o himself or any third party against the Company or the Customer by the activities and services or other acts of Customer or contents and information moved through the server of company or due to a malfunction of any of our server, with or without the consent of the customer or partner with that person.

11.3 Furthermore, the Customer expressly declares and commits by this that in case brought against the Company, any action, claim, or other judicial or administrative process claim and arises from the breach by any kind of third party rights, was required as both intervene in judicial or administrative proceedings and other fully indemnify the Company, in the event that the latter were forced to pay compensation or any other cost.

11.4 According to the European Commission Directive, consumers and traders have at their disposal the platform online dispute resolution – ODR (Online Dispute Resolution – ODR) for online dispute resolution for their disputes, whether they concern domestic or cross-border transactions. The ODR is connected directly with the competent bodies Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in each country, which assume the handling of complaints. For Greece these bodies are A) the Independent Authority “Consumer Ombudsman”, and B) the Ombudsman for Banking – Investment Services (see their bodies for each country here )

12. Regulation on Management and Assignment of ‘.gr and international .tlds

12.1 The customer / user and / or future owner of domain names should read, understand and agree with the Regulation on Management and Assignment of Domain Names and all such modifications. In EETT page http://www.eett.gr/opencms/opencms/EETT/Electronic_Communications/DomainNames/Regulations.html there all the regulations and any modifications thereof. The Normative Texts for domain .EU names exist in http://www.eurid.eu/files/trm_con_EN.pdf address. The Normative Texts for gtlds, such as .com, .net, etc., exist in http://www.icann.org/en/dndr/udrp/policy.htm address The domain name registrations made by staff of our company during business days and hours of the request vesting and payment integration.

12.2 We have no liability if during your ordering process and before the payment of the domain that you selected registered by someone else, since from us, completing the consolidation after confirming your payment. If this happens, you can search and register another domain.

12.3 Amounts corresponding to registration or renewal of domain names can not be canceled or returned after the repayment.

12.4 If an application to register a change Greek Dedicated Servers for .com, .net, .org, .info suffix within 45 days from the date updated to the original registrar, transport costs does not ensure the renewal of the name for an additional year the foreseen policy.

13. Acceptance of Terms of Use

13.1 These Terms of Use Site http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr drafted by all the legal rules of the Greek territory, governed by Greek law, the force in this legislation of the European Union and International Treaties and construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and social and economic purpose of the right. Should that term or provision of these terms of use may be deemed to be invalid or voidable, such invalidity or cancellation will not affect the validity of other conditions, the parties will pay in the above principles every effort to replace the void or cancellation provisions or conditions,

13.2 The subscribers of the Company’s services should have reached 18 years of age.

13.3 By using the web top.host assumed that you agree to all terms found on this site and the reading of this text is required prior to use of our services and making any services or ordering products, and in addition to your agreement and the full and unconditional acceptance of the listed conditions, expressed, certified and declared responsible by the use of the presentation and / or pressing the mouse on the link “I have read and agree to the Terms of use” and any other link may lead to order of service or use of Company websites, and is considered as your signature in this keimeno.

13.4 The Company provides the client software Third depending on the hosting package ordered. The license terms governing the use of third party software may differ from the terms of Greek Dedicated Servers. The Company’s customers are bound by all the terms of the licenses with software related third parties and must accept them. Providing and third party software is not part of the company’s software. The Company can not provide support or warranties regarding the use and functionality of these third party software.

13.5 Each electronic service order is sent to the company on the Internet, if and only if the Client has previously unconditionally accepted the above terms of agreement, as further proof that the Customer has received full knowledge of the terms and unreservedly agreed with them.

13.6 The Customer agrees that any dispute arising from the use of this presentation, application will have laws of Greek state and the competent court for solving these will be the Courts of Heraklion Crete. The Company has the right to amend without notice the Terms of Use Agreement Provision of Services. The latest version of the terms located at http://www.greekdedicatedservers.gr/terms-and-conditions.htm

13.7 The terms contained herein supersede any other agreement or negotiation between the Client and the Company, oral, written or otherwise, including any statements by a representative of the Company.

Abuse Policy

If we receive or find an abuse of illegal content or news letter sending or pornographic content on server witch is not allowed to contain this kind of content or usage we will contact you and tell you exactly what the abuse is.

After that you will have up to 48 hours to fix it, if not then we will be able to shut down your server or hosting account or mail witch makes the abuse!

Acceptable Usage

Acceptable usage is not to violate any of our written rules in this and the following links:

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Refund Policy

There will be no refunds on any hosting, dedicated server or domain service at all.



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